Comic 179 - One Whole Year!

15th Jan 2015, 12:05 AM in Filler and stuff
One Whole Year!
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Seabiscuit 14th Jan 2015, 2:10 PM edit delete
TL;DR I love you all, and it's been an amazing year!:D

(Deez gross ass ancient sketches dayumn)

Boy this got a bit bigger than expected. I hope you guys don't have to like, scroll...I have a wide monitor so I can't really tell!

Thankfully I was able to find some old sketchbooks with old WA stuff in 'em! I haven't really doodled in notebooks as much lately since actually doing the pages haha. But yes, all my sketchbooks are that messy. I tend to fill up every corner and get the absolute most out of every sketchbook that I can, and so most of my pages weren't really good for show. Too bad I don't have a scanner though, these look gross as all hell.

Doing that little splash image at the bottom was fun! I wish I could do more of those, as thanks for subscribers, and all that good stuff, but besides time being an issue...I have no good ideas for any!

I figured for this one, a "celebration" was in order, so the gang gets together for a meal (except Jeff, who really just is happy to hang out with everyone). It would pretty much go like this. Those are supposed to be bread rolls being tossed around.:D
(Boy I kinda fucked up with Eva's hair, I guess I'm rusty from not drawing her, but I gave her like the same hair as Anne almost...)
The textless version of that bottom image ;D

Year one statistics!

173 pages
CF: 131 subscribers, 11125 visitors
SJ: 76 subs
DD: 32 subs

Wow! I never expected things to get that crazy at all.:D
Really, though, thank you everyone for reading, putting up with the inconsistencies, and all that jazz! Here's to another great year with you lovely folks!

Speaking of lovelyness! Even more fanart!! This time another awesome piece from Rufiangel of Serpamia Flare!

I love it! Benny boy looks so cool here in that style! I can't decide what I like more here...That hair, that pose, those eyes...*-*
I loves it, thank you, Rufi!;D
I wasn't expecting "presents" for today, hahaha. This was such a lovely surprise!:D

Surely everyone here has already read it by now, of course. If not, get yo butts over there, what's wrong with you?;D)


lirvilas 15th Jan 2015, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
Congrats, Seabiz!!!!!!!
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 12:58 AM edit delete reply
Thank you!:D
Sleeper 15th Jan 2015, 12:29 AM edit delete reply
Congrats on your CF anniversary.

I really want to draw Anne now.
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 12:59 AM edit delete reply

Hahah. I'm sure Anne would be flattered!:P
Her reaction here was definitely one of the more fun parts of the project.
bejjinks 15th Jan 2015, 12:37 AM edit delete reply
Love that last panel. Felix and Anne watching over the kiddies and of course Benny and Eva get into a food fight.
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 1:01 AM edit delete reply
Hahah, thank you ;D
Oh yes. Felix and Anne are definitely the mature ones here, and of course poor Jeff is just kinda stuck in the middle!
rufiangel 15th Jan 2015, 1:15 AM edit delete reply
WHAT you already put it here!! XDDD The wrong date one NUUUU I am such a goose XDDD Oh well!!

This was a great page!! :D I loved every bit of it, just seeing your thought processes and all those lovely old sketches. Plus that super cute splash page with blue meat~! XD; Your older simplistic style is super cute too btw! XD; But the regular style does seem to fit WA well and I'm glad you went with it, too. :3

Super glad I started reading your stuff (which came right after I played A Dark Room, which was a crazy coincidence) - I normally avoid post-apocalyptic works because I'm not a huge zombie fan, but your stuff really pulled me in and I'm having a ton of fun. :D Never stop drawing!

Also, looking forward to whenever your next comic gets released. ;) What a mystery~!

Anyway congratulations seabiscuit <3 you're a lovely muffin :D
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 1:38 AM edit delete reply
HAHAHA sorry! Seabiscuit moves fast! I'm in bed now, but ill fix it first thing tomorrow! I'm sorryyyy!
But thank you again I adore it <3

Haha, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I still like using my simpler style at times, but the decision to use it for WA was pretty much just me bein' a pansy!;D
(And of course, I just had to throw some mutant meat in there!)

Aw, thank you! I'm glad you started to read it as well! I'm also so very glad I stumbled upon SF!:D
I love fantasy, and yours is one of the best for sure!
(I love me some zombies, but they do seem to be everywhere these days, so I really wanted to do something different, and so came Jeff ;D)
Hey, you best not stop drawin' either!

Haha, I'm really excited about the next one! Supernatural creatures and what not. But WA has a long way to go. On one hand I'm sad it'll be ages before I can put the fellow in my avvy in actual comic pages, but I know I'll miss the cast of WA so very much...

Heheh, a muffin, and not a biscuit! I shoulda been Seamuffin.:D
Thank you again!
randomNPC 15th Jan 2015, 4:31 AM edit delete reply
Yay! Congratulations Sea!

Oh, I liked the sketch of that guy with a long tongue, it reminds me of the 'smoker' in L4D!

Haha, love them throwing muffins at each other XD
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 10:40 AM edit delete reply
Heheh, thank you!:D

HAH! Believe it not, he actually wasn't inspired by the smoker! I don't remember where he came from, but he'd been rolling around in my head for a while. Shame he didn't make the cut.;D

Heheh; by far, that was the most fun part of putting this together!
Miaubol 15th Jan 2015, 6:49 AM edit delete reply
Congrats! :D

And yes, you style has developed a lot during that year. :))

Interesting read too. I was a bit surprised, to me you seem very confident. But yeah, I do know that "Maybe I should add more smileys" feel. I can stare at a comment I've just written, trying to figure out if it will really be understood the way I intend it to be understood. But then I just wing it, thinking, there are no rules on this anyway, should something get misunderstood, it's not like the world goes under ;). A dumb comment is better than no comment, as long as I don't behave like a jerk everything is fine.
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 10:42 AM edit delete reply
Aw...Thank you!;D

Hah! I guess sometimes I probably come off as confident, well, if nothing else, my confidence levels probably rose at least a little over the past year!:P
Dat feel.
Haha, very true. I just worry needlessly about silly things like that!
Binyamin 15th Jan 2015, 9:01 AM edit delete reply
Congrats again, Seabiscuit!!! Really, you're an inspiration. And I do the same thing where I read and reread my comments before posting. What you are reading now is edited.
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 10:44 AM edit delete reply
Thank you!:D
An inspiration? PFFT, Noo hahah

I wish I could stop doing that haha. It really makes posting slow!:P
(HAH, I end up editing a lot of my comments too, last one I left on your comic I must've edited bout three times)
demcleod 15th Jan 2015, 11:48 AM edit delete reply
Congrats, buddy. I know you're a girl now but you're still my bud haha. The CF community is great. I also had fear of negative comments. Stever was my first commenter too. He's awesome. I also used to be very antisocial. Comes with the mental illness and my depression. We have a ton in common lol. Here's to another year of WA! :D
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 12:25 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! Hah, I'm used to people thinking I'm a guy. I usually roll with a guy character in games, so that doesn't help much either.;D
(And then when they hear me on mic they think I'm a 12 year old boy..)
It really is so great and peaceful here! Before I was too antisocial to even post a comic, hahah. (now if only I could not be antisocial IRL!)
Here's to another year of S&R too! :D
Clanjack Farlo 15th Jan 2015, 11:59 AM edit delete reply
Clanjack Farlo
Great job, going a year on WA consistently! I've reviewed a lot of it recently, and I definitely like the little style adjustments you've made throughout the story. (I think going with thicker lines was a particularly excellent choice.)

You've stuck with it, and you've really had a successful comic. You're on the popular page almost infallibly, and you have good subscribers who follow loyally. It's a very unique comic, and I'm very happy to see it progressing the way it has been! I'll tell you one thing, I'm certainly enjoying Wastelanders Anonymous.
Keep going strong!
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 12:28 PM edit delete reply
Thank you! Boy, there definitely have been a lot of little changes...Some of them I wasn't even aware I was doing it!
(The thicker lines though is one of my favorite changes hahah, I wish I'd done it sooner!)

Heheh.:D I still can't believe I achieved that... I'm still expecting to like...Wake up or something! You were one of my first few followers, thank you for reading this whole time! I really appreciate it. I couldn't get this far without all of you guys!
QuietClayton 15th Jan 2015, 12:37 PM edit delete reply
Way to go congrats and all that rot!!
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 12:48 PM edit delete reply
Heheh. Thank you! I shall!:D
Stever 15th Jan 2015, 2:25 PM edit delete reply
WOW! Fantastic one year anniversary special. I loved all the little behind the scenes stuff and thanks for the name drop too :D

I think one of the most important reasons to start a web comic and stick to your update schedule is that your art skills will eventually evolve and define a more polished cartooning style.

It's been a great first year and congratulations on having a great comic and fanbase. You've earned it!
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
Heheh. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! (Of course, first sub and first comment, your name had to be there!;D)

Oh, definitely! A lot of my motivation was to improve my skills ultimately for my sci-fi comic; of course I still care immensely about WA regardless.;D

Thank you! Hopefully it'll be another great year on here!:D
sephirencomics 15th Jan 2015, 8:39 PM edit delete reply
Wow!! Congrats, Seabiscuit! :D
Seabiscuit 15th Jan 2015, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
Heheh, thank you!:D
WindGuardian 16th Jan 2015, 2:49 AM edit delete reply
Congrats my friend! Great way to celebrate the one year anniversary! :D

lol I laughed pretty hard when I read your quick little blurb about "adding more smileys" to a comment. I do the exact same thing XD
Seabiscuit 16th Jan 2015, 2:54 AM edit delete reply
Hehe, thank you very much!

Hahah! Glad that amused ;D I wish I could stop doing that!
I also have a bad habit of adding usually nervous laughter to /everything/.
WindGuardian 16th Jan 2015, 4:24 AM edit delete reply
lol Well I it's better than saying "lol" too often..... :[
Seabiscuit 16th Jan 2015, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
Haha, hey, s'not too bad!;D
Dollipop 16th Jan 2015, 6:16 PM edit delete reply
Wow!!! I remember first reading this awesome comic!! Happy anniversary !!!!
Seabiscuit 16th Jan 2015, 6:55 PM edit delete reply
Hehe, it's certainly been a long road, huh? Thank you, and thank you for reading!;D
ChilPhil 17th Jan 2015, 12:40 PM edit delete reply
Happy anniversary!
Awesome page with so many explainations on things. Thanks for sharing. I too struggle in replying sometimes to comments I receive :)
I think you are very productive, to be able to generate as many great pages as you do.
Seabiscuit 17th Jan 2015, 2:22 PM edit delete reply
Heheh! Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!:D
Haha...Hopefully I can keep this update streak!;D
iggycrypt 22nd Jan 2015, 10:50 PM edit delete reply
Very cool!
Seabiscuit 22nd Jan 2015, 11:08 PM edit delete reply
Thank you!:D
VulturesUnderTheMoon 2nd Feb 2015, 3:50 PM edit delete reply
Oooooh amazing.
Wanna know something scary? Next year, earth, and WA will be in the same time zone. *shivers* cute mutant kitties though, i can't wait for those!
Seabiscuit 2nd Feb 2015, 4:06 PM edit delete reply
Haha. Wait, wait, wut. Wow.
The apocalypse is coming...!
KingWinna 8th Jun 2018, 9:26 AM edit delete reply
I just want to see how long someone takes to find my comment. If you have an alert system Seabiscuit you don’t count. The date is June 8th, 2018. Let the games begin.
Seabiscuit 10th Jun 2018, 7:07 PM edit delete reply
-snerk- Can confirm, I'm a dirty cheater!
KingWinna 25th Jan 2019, 4:18 PM edit delete reply
Still no winner wow.