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6th Mar 2015, 12:05 AM in 7. Felix
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Seabiscuit 5th Mar 2015, 6:55 PM edit delete
It was all a dreeeaam...

No I'm kidding I would never pull something that lame!

But the flashback is over- For now. We'll return to it, but a little later.

Now what's up here? Is Jeff a crazy stalker? Nah. We'll see.

Another day, another...Fanart?!


I1like1pie drew up Eva!

Eee! She's so beautiful, I love her!:D
She looks so...Confident, and that is definitely how Eva rolls, hheheh. The soft lineart and coloring really work for her here. So lovely!:D

(I1like1pie does Project: Seraphim, it's full of amazing sci-fi goodness!:D)

And not /quite/ WA fanart, but rather, fanart of many comics, Jeff makes an appearance!:D

Drawn by up the lovely undeadloaf of the amazing Loaf and Pals!
It's so cool seeing Jeff among so many familiar characters. Seriously I read /all/ of these comics that they're from!O:
Jeff is so cute back there oh gosh

One of these days I really need to organize the fanart page!O:
I didn't think I'd have so many that I needed to organize, but apparently I do!
I also need to re-do the banner, finish a cast page...
Ahhhhhhhhh! Fiiiirst wooorld probbleeeems


Epiale 6th Mar 2015, 12:07 AM edit delete reply
That cut off sentence tho. I wanna know what he was gonna say, haha.

Also it really isn't polite breaking into people's homes, Jeff.
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:10 AM edit delete reply

It isn't! Perhaps he has a good reason, since it's Jeff...
undeadloaf 6th Mar 2015, 12:13 AM edit delete reply
LOVE the transition there, wouldn't have thought of doing it like that.

jeffs tot a ninja for breaking in.

Thanks for the shout out, so glad you liked the fanart.
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:11 AM edit delete reply
Thanks, glad you like it!:D

Perhaps, perhaps...

Hey no problem, I love it! All the characters look so very lovely!:D
Skweeee 6th Mar 2015, 12:15 AM edit delete reply
Whoa!!!! Seabiscuit! I love the way you transitioned from the dream/flashback. That's just brilliant!

I'm probably going to steal that...(no seriously I'm stealing that)

Ahhh. Remember wayyyyy back when? I think I called you the 'shepherd of fanart' Yep, I called it. Jeez, it must be sooooo horrible (read this next part in my best whiny Seabiscuit impression) "I have so much fanart... sigh, whatever am I to do???"

Seriously, though; that is awesome. You might have to start a separate comic called Seabiscuit's fan art scrap book...
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:13 AM edit delete reply
Aww, Thank you Skweeee! Sure, feel free to "steal" it, hahah, I'm glad you like it!:D

Pfffthahahaha!! Yes I remember that! It was my name on skype for a while because it cracked me up so much.
Hahaha, that impression!! I hope it didn't seem like I was whining like that!:P
More so was complaining about all the stuff around here I gotta do hahah. But it's the good kind of thing to be able to complain about, to the point it's not even a real complaint.:D
Sleeper 6th Mar 2015, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
Jeff looks really nervous. The first rule of B&E is remaining calm.
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:14 AM edit delete reply
That he does!
The first rule...Hahah! Yeah, probably good advice.:P
MST3KFan 6th Mar 2015, 12:28 AM edit delete reply
Ninja Zombie!!! That or he's taking lessons from Eva on how to get into places.
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:14 AM edit delete reply
Hahah! As badass as the idea of a ninja zombie is, I wonder just how sneaky Jeff really is...
Amalockh1 6th Mar 2015, 12:32 AM edit delete reply
"It was all a dreeeaam...

No I'm kidding I would never pull something that lame!"

Good, because I usually hate such kind of endings (Unless is The Wizard of Oz or something directed by David Lynch) :)
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:15 AM edit delete reply
Haha, same! Sometimes it can be done really well (like yeah the wizard of oz, but that always made me sad as a kid anyways hahah), but usually it just ends up feeling like a disappointing cop out!
rufiangel 6th Mar 2015, 1:38 AM edit delete reply
Dangit, seabiscuit! Cutting off that flashback just as we were getting more information, grr! *shakes fist* XD; But since you said we'll be getting back to it, I'll be patient~

"What the Jeff?" sounds like a phrase I'd coin XDDD

(Stalker-Jeff watches Felix sleep... <3 XD;;; Third-panel-waking-Felix is amusing btw XD)
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:18 AM edit delete reply
Soon, soon. Well, sort of soon. Better things in the mean time!

Hahah! Indeed! Replacing "what the heck?"

(Pfffthaha Stalker-Jeff!
Oh, I'm very glad, cause that was /the/ hardest panel! Something about working with that damn angle...!)
randomNPC 6th Mar 2015, 2:24 AM edit delete reply
What did Axton said there??? D:
That transition is amazing! :D

And Yay! More fanart! ( I like that one with Jeff, Abby, and Franky <3 )
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:21 AM edit delete reply
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I had a bit of fun throwing that in there.;D

Eee, yes! Even more lovely fanarts this week! It never ends!:D
Stever 6th Mar 2015, 9:22 AM edit delete reply
Jeff is displaying some "Eva like" skills in his ability to just appear in someone's apartment. Maybe he can make his living as a zombie ninja XD
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
Hahah, perhaps! Or perhaps this was....Well, we'll find out next week.;)
Dollipop 6th Mar 2015, 9:26 AM edit delete reply
Hahaha omg it will be a mystery. XD
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
catfire13 6th Mar 2015, 9:39 AM edit delete reply
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
...Heh heh heh heh heh >:D
catfire13 6th Mar 2015, 10:42 PM edit delete reply
Miaubol 6th Mar 2015, 2:03 PM edit delete reply
Oh nooo he woke up to early. i wanted to know more about this.

And, nice fan art. Eva looks really cool. And lol - Zombie table xDDD
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 2:27 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha! The perfect timing.>:D

Yes! Yes she does.:D
And of course Jeff is at the cool kids table, heheh!
ProfEtheric 6th Mar 2015, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
No, seriously. What is Jeff doing there?

Love the transition, Seabiscuit!
Seabiscuit 6th Mar 2015, 3:05 PM edit delete reply
Mmmm. I wonder.;)

Thank you!:D
me 7th Mar 2015, 3:05 AM edit delete reply
when I read axton i just thought of borderlands for some reason
Seabiscuit 7th Mar 2015, 10:58 AM edit delete reply
Heheh. The game?
I still haven't played it, but I've been meaning to for a while.
demcleod 7th Mar 2015, 9:54 AM edit delete reply
Haha, awesome. I enjoyed Felix's backstory. :D
Seabiscuit 7th Mar 2015, 10:58 AM edit delete reply
Thanks, I'm very glad! There'll be a bit more later.;D
sephirencomics 7th Mar 2015, 12:46 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, how DID Jeff get in there?
Awesome fan art! :D
Seabiscuit 7th Mar 2015, 12:59 PM edit delete reply
I wonder...;D

Yes oh my gosh O:
Outlaw 8th Mar 2015, 12:57 PM edit delete reply
Jeff, dude... You can't just stand over a buddy when he's a sleep... it's pretty creepy.
Seabiscuit 8th Mar 2015, 1:43 PM edit delete reply
Hahah! For reals. I'm sure that's just one of many things Jeff doesn't really "get".;D
Hindbodes 10th Mar 2015, 4:05 AM edit delete reply
It was aaaalllllll just a flashback from real liiiiife! Woooooaaaah!
Seabiscuit 10th Mar 2015, 9:30 AM edit delete reply