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1st Jun 2015, 2:29 AM in 7. Felix
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Author Notes:

Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 2:29 AM edit delete
Just a reminder; no Wednesday updates for a while!

Oh hey late again WHAT A SHOCK.
Sorry, guys! It was a rough weekend. All I gotta say. Plus this setup is taking...time to adjust...

Felix is a true bro.

Hey look- Fanart!:D

Click here for badassery!

First up, Argyle drew up this amazing piece after we were talking about Mad Max (one friend said WA was like book of Eli, we disagreed, another said it was like a "cuddly Mad Max"). I'm amazed. It's hilarious and badass at the same time! Oh my god. "Mad Felix...Slightly Miffed road". Hilarious. And of course the badass parts- that car, that motorcycle...Felix on the motorcycle! Oh gosh just too damn perfect!

(Argyle does the hilarious My Silent, Violent Scream and the super adorable (and also hilarious) Here There Be Dwagons!)

And then Sleeper...

Click here for hilarity!

...Drew up this hilarious sequel to this Marcus audition! Oh gosh, yeah, I definitely needed this laugh very much. He told me he'd do a follow up, but I still laughed way too hard. Especially at Jeff. The way he's patting Marcus is too cute. And then the look on his face as he tries to save at least the rest of the chicks...HAH!! EXCELLENT.

(XibalbanSleeper does the amazing Xibalba, of course!)
Seabiscuit 4th Jun 2015, 11:03 PM edit delete
it's been a hard few days
and then I was out all day helping my grandma

it will come ahfuhggdfg


rufiangel 1st Jun 2015, 2:45 AM edit delete reply
Awww, super cute page seamuffin! X3 Blushy Anne is so cute XD <3

Felix is a true bro indeed!! He got your back, Benny-boy :D
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:32 AM edit delete reply
Heheheh, thank you! I was going for cute~;D

He really is! See, Benny boy? Making friends is always worth it!;D
Vincethestick 1st Jun 2015, 2:52 AM edit delete reply
Felix is the ultimate wing man
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:32 AM edit delete reply
Hahahah, I was gonna say something along these lines in the author notes, but I forgot.:D
Mr. Vareel 1st Jun 2015, 3:01 AM edit delete reply
Mr. Vareel
Mathematical probability of tsundere Benjamin appearing in the relatively near future high. Prepare fangirl armadas for response to the threat.
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:33 AM edit delete reply
Pfffhahah! He's not totally tsundere, like he'd never be all "i-it's not like I like you or anything, idiot!" to Anne. But I see what you mean, heheheheh.>D
Fangirl armadas?! Hahah!
Miaubol 1st Jun 2015, 4:41 AM edit delete reply
Oh yes, that cookie thing is serious business! ;)

Wow, that fanart is badass indeed :D
and, lol chicks.. xD
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:34 AM edit delete reply
Damn straight! Benny boy has earned some cookies!

It really is badass, oh gosh! The Marcus one still makes me laugh!
Outlaw 1st Jun 2015, 5:34 AM edit delete reply
And the ComicFury Best Bro award goes to....!
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:36 AM edit delete reply
Hehehe! If I were to give out awards to the cast of WA for stuff, I'd say he's earned a Best Bro award, yeah!;D
MST3KFan 1st Jun 2015, 7:19 AM edit delete reply
Felix being a bro. Anne blushing... Heh. And MORE cookies! XD
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:37 AM edit delete reply
A straight up bro indeed! It was interesting drawing Anne as the blushing one for once.:D
Let them eat cookies
demcleod 1st Jun 2015, 7:47 AM edit delete reply
Guys in top hats usually are the best bros. ;-)
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:37 AM edit delete reply
This is true. This isn't a biased response at all, is it Dem? ;) ;)
We just love our hatboys
Stever 1st Jun 2015, 8:51 AM edit delete reply
Looks like Benny may get those cookies after all.

That Cuddly Mad Max pic is SOOO freakin' amazing. I absolutely love it!

Also Sleepers WA thing with the chicks has me giggling every time I see it. It just captures Jeff so well for me.
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:39 AM edit delete reply
Yup! At last...:D

I know right?! Holy shit! Especially Felix on the motorcycle...So awesome!! And Jeff being clueless on the roof. *snicker*
I needa see this movie even more now!

Yes, me too! Oh my god. I mean that's just such a straight up Jeff response. I love that look on his face. The fact he isn't actually saying anything makes it even better, somehow!
Epiale 1st Jun 2015, 11:38 AM edit delete reply
Haha, that's adorable. Also Felix is the best bro. :)
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:47 AM edit delete reply
Heehehe, thanks, glad you think so!
He really is a good bro to have around.:D
ProfEtheric 1st Jun 2015, 12:12 PM edit delete reply

Go Felix go! Get Benny some cookies!

(And dammit, Sea. Now I want cookies again.)
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 12:57 PM edit delete reply
At last!

(Mwahahaha! Perhaps this was my evil villain plan the entire time!>:D)
Clanjack Farlo 1st Jun 2015, 12:22 PM edit delete reply
Clanjack Farlo
Felix got yo back, bro.
A badass and a matchmaker, who'da thunk it? XD

Epic fan-arts! I swear, every week you're back with more!
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 12:58 PM edit delete reply
That he does! "A badass and a matchmaker"
Oh gosh. Yes.

I think these were the first I got in a little while, though :D
VulturesUnderTheMoon 1st Jun 2015, 1:10 PM edit delete reply
*gasps* Would she maybe like Felix, just a little bit?
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 1:22 PM edit delete reply
Heheh. A few people seem to want Felix x Anne!
They have more of a...sibling relationship, though. But it's alright...Felix surely won't end up alone. ;D
VulturesUnderTheMoon 1st Jun 2015, 1:34 PM edit delete reply
Good, because he's ending up with me. XD
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 1:36 PM edit delete reply
Run, Felix! Run!
VulturesUnderTheMoon 1st Jun 2015, 1:36 PM edit delete reply
*coughs* you just made me spit up coffee i was laughing so hard XD
*i will find you, i will hunt you down, and i will make you hang out with me felix.*
Skweeee 1st Jun 2015, 4:04 PM edit delete reply

Everything that's happening here, and now all I can think of is finding and eating some cookies....

Flawless page as usual and lovely fan arts too!!
sephirencomics 1st Jun 2015, 4:13 PM edit delete reply
Same! I need some cookies :D
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 5:57 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha! Looks like I created some cravings. Wooooooops!!

Ah, thank you very much Skweee!
Yes, the fanarts are ~amazing~!:D
sephirencomics 1st Jun 2015, 4:12 PM edit delete reply
Awww Anne's blushing in panel 7 ;)
Also that's some amazing fan art!
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
Hehehe! That was the fun part.;)

Right?!:D I'm in love!
Lilbluebox 1st Jun 2015, 7:27 PM edit delete reply
It's always a treat to read your new comic page on Mondays. :]

Anne, I see your crush an raise you Benny-boy's crush on YOU. These two are in a competition to out-crush each other, aren't they? And now Felix knooooooows~ And he's even trying to play some mild matchmaker. D'aaaw. Cuties~

Anne, nobody is fooled by you 'save'. NOBODY.

Gosh darn that last panel is just the cutest thing. Felix is so awesome.
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 8:51 PM edit delete reply
Awww, thank you!:D

Hehehehe! A competition, huh. It sure seems so, eh?:D
Felix the matchmaker...hee! He's a great bro and wingman, that's for sure. He's a good friend.:D

Anne and Benny boy both could enter the subtlety championships, huh?;D
Neither of them can get anything past Felix, at least!

Heheheh, glad you think so! He's a sweetie.:D
ChilPhil 1st Jun 2015, 7:52 PM edit delete reply
Ah, Anne blushing...she had good intentions making her friend cookies.
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 8:52 PM edit delete reply
Heheh, she really did! She's a good girl. Delicious treats for everyone!
corruptedNPC 1st Jun 2015, 10:49 PM edit delete reply
Heheh, cute :D

That lizard eating chicks D:
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
Heheh, thanks~:D

Yeah, oh my gosh! I love Marcus so much! Hahahha
machinehead 1st Jun 2015, 11:46 PM edit delete reply
Nobody wants your after thought what I'd want to say, but when it involves cookies you can just keep sending them down the chain until they get to me.
Seabiscuit 1st Jun 2015, 11:57 PM edit delete reply
Hahah! Yes, exceptions must be made for desserts!
iggycrypt 2nd Jun 2015, 8:42 AM edit delete reply
Haha! Slightly Miffed Road! And, I love how Jeff is trying to save that chick!
Seabiscuit 2nd Jun 2015, 10:18 AM edit delete reply
Hahahah, right? That title really cracked me up...And then the chicks...!
randomNPC 2nd Jun 2015, 10:29 AM edit delete reply
I wonder what Felix is thinking at that last panel? Hmmm...
Seabiscuit 2nd Jun 2015, 10:34 AM edit delete reply
"Heh, these two are so ridiculous."

Lt. Dom 2nd Jun 2015, 5:48 PM edit delete reply
Lt. Dom
I don't even like cookies
Seabiscuit 2nd Jun 2015, 5:52 PM edit delete reply
Dom please don't lie in the comment section it's not nice
Lt. Dom 2nd Jun 2015, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
Lt. Dom
Does it look like I'm lying?
Seabiscuit 2nd Jun 2015, 6:14 PM edit delete reply
no one could hate cookies with a straight face