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3rd Aug 2015, 2:04 AM in 8. Getting Ahead
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Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 2:04 AM edit delete
Couple hours later, but heeere!D:

My weekend was...It was an experience. I was eating some left over stew one day and found a dead flea in it. Lovely.
Then, this morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn because, for some reason, Peanut decided to pee in my bed. Lovelier!
So I spent the day salty, exhausted and hungry. Bah!:D

But hey~
More fanart!♪
Yet another piece by CorruptedNPC-

Click here!

Finally, the truth behind the red plague doctor is revealed: It was Seabiscuit the whole time! Hahahah! The idea of this cracks me up so much. Imagine, the end of the comic comes, the reveal is, uh, revealed, and it turns out the author was behind it all! Such an epic ruse it would be! (spoiler: no it won't really be me hahaha)

Oh gosh. I felt so sad seeing Jeff like that, this drawing of him really makes you feel for poor ol Jeff! Those tears! Oh man!
...And then the last panel. HAH!! I gotta say, I look hella badass as a villain! I should be evil more often! I love the way I'm drawn here, eee! I even see my striped shirt under all that! And the mask and and the circles under my eyes yay~
"Sea-Business" Bwahahahah! Gosh, I never thought I'd see the day where I was drawn in a WA fanart. Glorious! I love this! The coloring the shading ahhhhh

And Felix made an appearance iiiin...

Click here!

...this! A lovely drawing with a wwhooole buncha comicfury characters in it, based off a dream MadJak had! Oh gosh. I recognize so many of these guys!
...Of course Teren and Felix down there most definitely are my favorites, hah! I mean heck I love everyone and everything about this drawing, little Felix there! Eeeee! I feel like Jak really captured Felix's...Felixness. Hahahah. And ohh gosh he is so cute! Jak style is definitely one of the most adorable on CF!:D :D

(MadJak of course does the adorable and grand 'The Adventures of Aquila and Teren'!)

Gosh I'm really behind at adding arts to the gallery ahh I suck


rufiangel 3rd Aug 2015, 2:37 AM edit delete reply
Yes, yes you are, Eva :'D

Jeffu, worried+scared Jeffu is so cute XD; <3

Awww, seamuffin, sorry to hear about your weekend :'D... you need a weekend from your weekend, from the sounds of it!
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 9:48 AM edit delete reply
Heehehehe! It's so weird drawing Jeff worried so much, but it's good for a change of pace, heh. I'm glad you find him cute~ :D

Hahaha, indeed! I really could. I'm glad it's a brand new week. Better luck this week! I'll go to the store and hopefully get something delicious and flea free o_x
argylefox 3rd Aug 2015, 2:39 AM edit delete reply
Evil more often? You have only ever been evil once. I'm sure you'll stop soon...
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 9:54 AM edit delete reply
Hahaha! I'm sure I will! Maybe...

hykez87 3rd Aug 2015, 3:32 AM edit delete reply
Good ol' Eva, failing to warn them first of all the dangerous stuff before they got there.
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 9:54 AM edit delete reply
Gosh, even y'all have no faith in Eva!;D
Miaubol 3rd Aug 2015, 6:03 AM edit delete reply
...and then, after all this to and fro and tiptoeing, it turns out this place is not scare at all.. :P

The red plague-doc reveal makes most sense - the author is never just nice.. ;)
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
Hahah, hopefully, so Jeff calms down at least!

True that! In a way, I guess the author is the true villain no matter what. Heh.:D
MST3KFan 3rd Aug 2015, 6:15 AM edit delete reply
Eva...scary? Nah.

Now those five foot tall cockroaches Felix is about to encounter down the ladder...THOSE are scary. >_>
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
Oh gosh, mutant buggies, noo
The ones in real life lately are bad enough!:'D
MadJak91 3rd Aug 2015, 7:24 AM edit delete reply
Skeletons. You always find skeletons.
Or renegade robots!

This page kind of reminds me of oral school tests.
"You want to go next?"
"I will go then."

Biscuit, do not try to fool us.
It is always you pulling the strings anyway!
And thanks for linking the pic :)
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 10:02 AM edit delete reply
Spooky scary skeletons ♪
Robots! Oh, Jak...

Hahah oh god. Oral tests. We had to go up alphabetically ;~;
Then once the teacher who hated me decided to make it reverse alphabetical so I had to go first

Heh heh heh :D
I am the true evil
Thank ~you~ for including Felix, I love him~
MadJak91 3rd Aug 2015, 10:17 AM edit delete reply
Yes. I am still waiting for this to turn full sci-fi inside the bunker with past modern technology that buried the previous age and doomed the world.
Or some aliens.

OK, OK. I will see.
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 10:20 AM edit delete reply
Hahah...Ohh Jak.
Jak Jak Jak...
Confirming nothing, but I will say there will never be aliens.:D
Cannon. 3rd Aug 2015, 8:41 AM edit delete reply
Hey, I just noticed that you now have an even 220 subs! Congratulations! :D
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 10:02 AM edit delete reply
Thank you very much!
Third times the charm, huh?:'D
I love nice round numbers and and I love you guys ;~;
Outlaw 3rd Aug 2015, 10:21 AM edit delete reply
I don't know if I'd use the term scary... it's a lot more like "ULTRA PUSHY!"

Haha, great page, my friend.
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 10:35 AM edit delete reply
Ultra pushy. Hah! Yup, Eva can be, a bit. Oh Eva. What'll we do with you.

Aw, thank you Outlaw!:D
ChilPhil 3rd Aug 2015, 2:45 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, you are scary Eva.
Sorry to hear about your rough weekend. Hopefully the rest of your week gets better.
Seabiscuit 3rd Aug 2015, 5:39 PM edit delete reply
I guess she is, a little. Oh, Eva, just tone it down a tad.:'D
Ah, thank you, hahah. My week is off to a bunch better start so far! I found a coke with 'Benjamin' on it!
Jarvi 4th Aug 2015, 6:30 AM edit delete reply
Yes you are scary :D
And don't push poor innocent Jeff next xD
Seabiscuit 4th Aug 2015, 11:12 AM edit delete reply
Hahah, at least if she pushes him he can't die from the fall or something!:D
iggycrypt 4th Aug 2015, 12:44 PM edit delete reply
The answer is "Yes, yes, you are, Eva." and I make horror comics so that's saying something...
Seabiscuit 4th Aug 2015, 1:06 PM edit delete reply
Hahha! Eva, scarier than horror comics! Oh, poor Eva.:D
corruptedNPC 5th Aug 2015, 11:48 PM edit delete reply
How can anyone be scared of Eva. Can't they see that she's trying to be cute.
Seabiscuit 6th Aug 2015, 10:08 AM edit delete reply
Hahah! I dunno about CUTE, but she is charming...In her, uh, own way. :D
(Thank you again for all the amazing art eeee ;~;)
sephirencomics 9th Aug 2015, 9:27 PM edit delete reply
"Am I that scary?" Yes, yes you are XD
Seabiscuit 10th Aug 2015, 7:28 AM edit delete reply
Heheh! Well, I guess maybe a little!;)