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1st Apr 2016, 12:03 AM in 10. Green
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Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 12:03 AM edit delete
Oh boy. Happy April 1st! :D

Hehe, I almost added in some maggots dropping off the dead head, but it seemed like... a bit much.:D

I wanted to mess with the actual page for you know what day as well, but, it didn't seem... appropriate.

E: And it's over! T'was a fun April Fools. If anyone missed it, you can see what I did here:

Basically, I turned my layout into Geocities, complete with annoying gifs, annoying colors, and also little bubbles that floated across the entire page.:D


Nama 1st Apr 2016, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
Lame April fools joke. 0/10
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 12:05 AM edit delete reply
Hmph! It was the best I could do on such sho...
Wait no what do you mean joke this is my new layout how dare you make fun
Nama 1st Apr 2016, 12:06 AM edit delete reply
You can't even keep up the act. Pitiful
Cannon. 1st Apr 2016, 12:07 AM edit delete reply
Eeeeeeeee!~~~ :D
Bubbles!1~~ <3

Omg, this is so funny ;)
Amaze~ :'D
haha..,maggots, eh? I'm of pride that you considered something so gruesome ~~ ;)
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 12:13 AM edit delete reply
Heehehehe, glad you approve! ;)
There was a bubbles cursor option, too, but this was funnier~
(It wouldn't let me have both! D:)

-snerk- I can be pretty gruesome to my babies, too ;~;~
ProfEtheric 1st Apr 2016, 12:09 AM edit delete reply
Old school interwebs design FTW!

(Site created with Notepad 500/10)
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 12:16 AM edit delete reply
Geocities was a treasure that should not have died!

(Heeheee, the right way ;) )
Casscade 1st Apr 2016, 12:18 AM edit delete reply
Oh my God, when I scrolled down and saw the America Online loading screen I died. Lmfao! XD
But aww! Poor Benny! Shh shh..It's okay Benny, the bubbles will comfort you. ;.;
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
Bwahahaha! Glad you like that! I will never forget the nightmare of AOL...:'D

If only he could see the bubbles! Of course, then he might think he was insane.:D
hykez87 1st Apr 2016, 12:33 AM edit delete reply
Hahaha! Nice April Fools! :D
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 2:52 PM edit delete reply
Hehehehe, thank you! I had to do -something- for it.:D
MST3KFan 1st Apr 2016, 1:30 AM edit delete reply

It's like looking through a glass of carbonated water. XD

And that AOL bit at the bottom!

But onto the comic... So the thing they thought they killed before actually had a second head? Or grew a new one?

Funny how Benjy makes short work of it there in the end though. Would think the others would have had some melee weapons around unless it caught them as they were sleeping.
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 2:55 PM edit delete reply
Bwahahaha, glad you like that!;)
I tried to find the effect that was the most annoying, but also didn't totally obscure the page. And it works on mobile!! Bonus!

Oh, it always had two heads.;(
The other head became dominant.:D

You'd sure think- Guess they weren't as well prepared as they thought!
CiciEnixa 1st Apr 2016, 1:49 AM edit delete reply
MY EYESSSSS XD ITS FILLED WITH BUBBLESSSS!!! And LOL just everything brings me back to the early years of the internet XDDD

Aaaa Benny just RUN D:
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 2:56 PM edit delete reply
Hahahah! Nostalgic, huh?:'D
I almost miss those days! It was wonderfully chaotic.:D

He should be fine! I'd hope.:'D
Jarvi 1st Apr 2016, 2:56 AM edit delete reply
Ohhhh I totally dig the new look of the page... so nostalgic xD
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:06 PM edit delete reply
Bwahaha! Thank you ;D
Isn't it? Oh man. I remember the days of stuff like, Sailor Moon character shrines and stuff on pages like this!:'D
Jarvi 2nd Apr 2016, 2:17 AM edit delete reply
Haha yeah :D
I remember when my parents finally got internet to our home. I found some webpage that was full of horrible moving gifs and so horribly designed but it was the most beautiful thing ever back then xD So I totally had to learn how to make pages myself so I can have one like this too.
Oh god that page of mine was lame... :D
Seabiscuit 2nd Apr 2016, 2:52 PM edit delete reply
Bwahahah! OH man, yeah- I remember being so impressed by those pages with effects and music and gifs that annoying today!:D
M-maybe it's a good thing they are gone, the abominations I created have been lost to time...
MadJak91 1st Apr 2016, 7:40 AM edit delete reply
Reminds me of Geocities epilepsy inducing styles lmao :D

The page is legit, right?
Waiting for the next update to be a gory scenery :)
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:09 PM edit delete reply
That was the exact look I was going for!!
Throwback April Fools!:D

The page itself is legit, hehe. I thought it'd be... Well, not cool to mess with the page itself during a scene like this. Shame! I wanted to mess with it! But I have poor planning.:D
MadJak91 1st Apr 2016, 4:06 PM edit delete reply
Only missing space background, bright yellow font and two spinning heads at the top.
Done in NVU in 20 minutes with some copied PHP/HTML code from another website.
Also random .wav music playing for maximum effect.

Old times :(
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 4:09 PM edit delete reply
Even I have my limits to true obnoxiousness- I almost did that though. I was tempted to make... This part (like the background behind comments) transparent with an annoying background image too~ >D
corruptedNPC 1st Apr 2016, 8:04 AM edit delete reply
Why did you kill it?! All it wanted is a good meal... Poor lizard ;~;
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:09 PM edit delete reply
RIP in peace poor Lizard ;~;
At least he got one last meal!
Stever 1st Apr 2016, 8:17 AM edit delete reply
No more Mr. Nice Guy...

Nice retro web design. XD
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:15 PM edit delete reply
Hahahaha, thank you!>:D
ChilPhil 1st Apr 2016, 9:52 AM edit delete reply
Oh yeah, the new layout is fabulous:)
Bam! Benny done shoot you dead.
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:15 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! It took me ten whole minutes!:D
BAM! Benny boy wins.
Chrona 1st Apr 2016, 10:18 AM edit delete reply
Yes! Kill that abomination created by the god of production! >:(
Nice new layout~ :)
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:16 PM edit delete reply
-Snerk- :D
The God of Production is incredibly cruel...
rufiangel 1st Apr 2016, 10:40 AM edit delete reply
Okay, you know what I get for not reading WA in a while? I get to read the last few terribly dramatic and intense pages IN THIS PURPLE BUBBLE LAYOUT XD;;; DANGIT

Anyway, omg, I feel like I called it but I'm still so so sad for Benny :(((( So THAT'S why he dyed his hair after all... ARRGGHHHH WHYYY SEAMUFFIN IT'S RIGHT IN MY FEEEELS
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:17 PM edit delete reply
Oh gosh, sorry for you and anyone else that decided to catch up today! Hahahah!

Yup, you called it!
Poor Benny boy. I'm so, so cruel to him.:'D
(I'm somewhat glad it has feels, though! Yeee!:D)
Dollipop 1st Apr 2016, 1:00 PM edit delete reply
WOW unexpected xD

dem sadness tho D:
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:21 PM edit delete reply
It ok! Let the bubbles create cheer and joy~
Miaubol 1st Apr 2016, 1:21 PM edit delete reply
Yeah! There! Kill it! No matter how "cute" it is! ;D

beautiful bubbly bubbles! But oh dear oh no the navigation menu my poor poor eyes!
Seabiscuit 1st Apr 2016, 3:21 PM edit delete reply
Exactly! Karma or something! D:

It's funny, I randomly put that teal color in to replace one of the others, and I wasn't even sure which one I replaced until I reloaded the page.:')
undeadloaf 2nd Apr 2016, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
maybe i'm looking to much into it but wouldn't the dead head go septic and poison the other head? still awesome
Seabiscuit 2nd Apr 2016, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
Hehe! Nah, you're right; realistically, this thing would have died ages ago. But I just had to have some fun, it's a mutant abomination after all.:D
randomNPC 3rd Apr 2016, 5:29 AM edit delete reply
Is it dead for real? Shoot it again to make sure! Also check if there is a third head.
Seabiscuit 3rd Apr 2016, 11:45 PM edit delete reply
Hahah, hopefully he does- But it's finally dead for good. D:
Outlaw 3rd Apr 2016, 11:47 PM edit delete reply
Given how grim the current chain of events are... I think it's wise you didn't mess with the actual page itself lol.

Seriously though, great page, my friend.
Seabiscuit 4th Apr 2016, 12:02 AM edit delete reply
Hahaha, I think so too. Wouldn't have felt, uh, right.:D

Thank you!:D
Hindbodes 6th Apr 2016, 4:20 AM edit delete reply
Damn, I freaking missed it!

Next time...
Seabiscuit 7th Apr 2016, 11:49 PM edit delete reply
Haha! Maybe next year I'll mess with the page itself.:D
Thisguy 4th Aug 2017, 8:36 PM edit delete reply
What a waste of half digested body parts.
Seabiscuit 5th Aug 2017, 7:18 PM edit delete reply
True. It's all about recycling.