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13th Jan 2017, 1:03 AM in 13. Long distance
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Seabiscuit 13th Jan 2017, 1:03 AM edit delete
Kittens make everything better. And a non mutated one, at that!

(Woah Friday the 13th!)


AugustaCaesar 13th Jan 2017, 1:20 AM edit delete reply
Yeah! No need to worry about the End of the World! Just go back to brushing your hair, eating junk food, and doing all that fun, teenager stuff! XD
Seabiscuit 13th Jan 2017, 9:52 PM edit delete reply
Pffft. Yeah, why worry, just enjoy the now.;)
hykez87 13th Jan 2017, 4:01 AM edit delete reply
In a strange way, their conversation feels such a tranquil moment.
Its really heartwarming.
Seabiscuit 13th Jan 2017, 10:30 PM edit delete reply
Aw, I'm so glad you think so! I tried to make this chill.:D
MST3KFan 13th Jan 2017, 7:44 AM edit delete reply
Something, something...kitten...something...
Seabiscuit 14th Jan 2017, 11:17 AM edit delete reply
The kitten is key here, of course.:)
Miaubol 13th Jan 2017, 8:18 AM edit delete reply
yay kittie!! :D

...they survive everything, also the "end of the world" :)))

kitties last forever ;)
Seabiscuit 14th Jan 2017, 11:18 AM edit delete reply
Yup- I think the most depressing thing would have been to have a post-apocalyptic world where cats went extinct. There's no way I'd let that happen!
Amalockh1 14th Jan 2017, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
I feel the same way, Seabiscuit...This is why I decided to include a kitten in my own post-apocalyptic comic :)
Seabiscuit 17th Jan 2017, 10:52 AM edit delete reply
@Amalockh: Hahaha, definitely the most wisest of design choices! ;)
ChilPhil 13th Jan 2017, 10:55 AM edit delete reply
Don't lose any sleep, worrying about the end of the world won't help ya'.
Seabiscuit 14th Jan 2017, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
Yup- I mean, especially if it's something totally beyond your control.
Werewolfsbane 13th Jan 2017, 12:00 PM edit delete reply
I love that kitten :D
Seabiscuit 14th Jan 2017, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
D'aw, thanks, I'm glad! I was kinda iffy on it.:D
MadJak91 13th Jan 2017, 4:16 PM edit delete reply
Funny how seriously Ben takes it considering he was born much later and the only world he knows is the destroyed world. The only normal world to him. I guess they do not have many photos of the normal world?
Seabiscuit 14th Jan 2017, 11:24 AM edit delete reply
True enough, he's only known the world like this. But he has seen some (few, rare) surviving photos, so he's at least a little aware.
But he's definitely aware of how much harder things are now, so he can sympathize a bit.
rufiangel 23rd Jan 2017, 12:06 AM edit delete reply
I don't know if it's necessarily an inevitability though for her world... is it? >_> If it is, then it would start to explain how these Walker technologies came about, maybe someone wanted to find a way to stop it from happening somehow and figured out a way to tap across dimensions and alternate realities (like through the walkie-talkie). Ben might just be someone who happens to have the ability to see across dimensions without the aid of technology?

And that cat is too cute <3 ;v;* can we adopt the kitty plssss
Seabiscuit 23rd Jan 2017, 7:13 PM edit delete reply
Well, it might be, it might not be- In the end, Benny boy isn't too great at being overly positive.:'D
About Walker Technologies... I wonder! Heehee.;)
That definitely sounds reasonable~!